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For use on PVCu, timber or composite windows


Overture Door Accessories

Titon offer a range of door accessories to complement their range of Overture LL/LP door levers, profile cylinders and hinges.

Aesthetically important components are available in the same finishes as the other products in the range, including the Overture window handles. The full Titon range also incorporates door locks in various configurations.

Amongst the accessories are door knockers, with spy hole option if required, letter plates, door chains and numerals. All are manufactured to the highest standards. Please phone for the latest availability.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully suited stainless steel accessories include:
    • Door Knockers.
    • Spy Holes/Door Viewers.
    • Letter Plates with inner.
    • Weather/Drip Bars.
    • Security Chains (with child restrictor).
  • Stainless steel range salt spray tested to BSEN1670 2007 - 1000 hours.
  • Tested to over 250,000 cycles.
  • Range of finishes available.
Overture Door Accessories - PVD gold knocker

PVD gold door knocker

Overture Door Accessories - PVD gold letter plate

PVD gold letter plate

Product Description Product Code Finish
Stainless steel letter plate Overture Carpena L/Plate 06-634-10 Satin s/steel
06-634-11 Polished s/steel
06-634-13 PVD gold
06-634-16 White
06-634-15 Black
Stainless steel door knocker Overture Urn shaped door knocker 06-635-10 Satin s/steel
06-635-11 Polished s/steel
06-635-13 PVD gold
06-635-16 White
06-635-15 Black
Overture Urn shaped door knocker with cut-out 06-636-10 Satin s/steel
06-636-11 Polished s/steel
06-636-13 PVD gold
06-636-16 White
06-636-15 Black
Stainless steel Numerals (85mm) 0-9 Overture 85mm screw fix numerals 0-9 06-1003-10

Satin s/steel

06-1003-11 Polished s/steel
06-1003-13 PVD gold
06-1003-16 White
06-1003-15 Black
06-1003-14 PVD sat/gold
Spy Hole/Door Viewer 35-55mm Overture Door Viewer 35-55mm 09-1200-10 Satin nickel plate
09-1200-11 Chrome plate
09-1200-13 Polished brass
09-1200-15 Black
09-1200-16 White
Stainless steel Weather/Drip Bar Overture R99-42 Weather Drip Bar 09-950-10 Satin s/steel
09-950-11 Polished s/steel
09-950-13 PVD gold
09-950-14 PVD sat/gold
09-950-16 White
09-950-15 Black
Security Chain (with child restrictor) Overture Door Chain + Child Rest 09-1300-10 Satin nickel plate
All come supplied with fixing screws
Please call +44 (0) 1206 713801 to discuss your requirements.


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Predominantly stainless steel.


Please check for availability on product variants.

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