Security has played an increasingly important role in window design over the last twenty years, and this is highlighted by the widespread use of multi-point locking systems. Not content with the standard espagnolette, most specifiers now prefer a shootbolt product for increased security, with a locking mechanism working around three edges of the window.

These products have to suit all the varying profile details now available and also all the differing window fabrication methods.

This means the Titon Espagnolette & Shootbolt range features a wide portfolio of products, each offered with numerous variations of lock depth, backset and mushroom height.

Our Shootbolts and Espagnolettes have attained the Police security specified Secured by Design (SBD) certification.

’Secured by Design’ is the official Police security initiative for the UK. Since its inception in 1989, it has focused on the design and security of homes, commercial premises and car parks. It also acknowledges quality security products and crime prevention projects. The initiative combines the principles of designing out crime with effective security standards.

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Maco inline

  Requires Eurogroove Croppable Non Croppable Capable of achieving PAS24 Backsets (mm) Mushroom heights (mm) One piece assembly Low handle height Tricoat (dependent on quantity)
Maco Inline Y   Y   20 or 22 7.7, 9 or 10.5 Y   Y
Maco Offset     Y   20 or 25 7.7 or 9 Y   Y
Maco R.A.I.L and R.A.I.L Reach Y   Y Y 20 or 22 7.7, 9 or 10.5 Y Y Y
Maco Mk1 Shootbolt Y Y   Y 20 or 22 7.7, 9 or 10.5   Y Y
Maco Mk2 Shootbolt Y Y Y Y 20 or 22 7.7 or 9   Y Y
Maco Mk3 Shootbolt Y Y Y Y 20 or 22 7.7 or 9 Y Y Y
Maco M-Spag
Y Y  Y  Y 20 or 22 7.7 or 9 Y  Y  Y
PN Hook Y Y     25, 28 or 40 Hook Y    

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