Maco Mk1 Shootbolt

Multi-point security locking systems

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows

Multipoint locking shootbolt espagnolette for side hung or top hung applications with adjustable shootbolts and mushroom cams, designed for profiles with eurogroove. The Maco Shootbolt Espagnolette has a separate centre lock box with various different types of croppable extensions with two backsets and three cam heights. The Maco Shootbolt Espagnolette is compatible with all standard espag handles with 43mm fixing centres with a 7mm square spindle and is capable of achieving BS7950.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to give greater security in line with BS 7950 and Secured By Design.
  • Suitable for use on windows with a 16mm eurogroove.
  • Integral shootbolts with selectable 10 or 13mm bolt throw.
  • Interlocking keeps for improved strength.
  • Suitable for sash rebate sizes from 320mm to 1400mm.
  • Fitting extension pieces will enable larger sash rebate sizes.
  • 20 or 22mm backset versions available.
  • 7.7, 9 or 10.5mm mushroom cam heights.
  • Can be used to offer a low handle height on sash for limited access situations.
  • Blanking plug available to remove night-vent position on keep.
  • Adjustable compression via mushroom headed cams.
  • Keeps / striker plates are profile related, please phone for suitability.
  • French casement option available.

Maco Mk1 Shootbolt

Lockbox Backset (mm) Mushroom Cams Codes
MK I 20 0 MA11262SC
MK I 22 0 MA11263SC
Shootbolt Extensions Size Mushroom Cams 7.7mm Cams 9mm Cams 10.5mm Cams
320 - 400mm GR 0 0 MA58177SC MA58177SC MA58177SC
401 - 800mm GR 1 1 MA58160SC MA58161SC MA58157SC
801 - 1100mm GR 2 2 MA58162SC MA58163SC MA58158SC
1101 - 1400mm GR 3 2 MA58164SC MA58165SC MA58159SC
Extra Height Extensions
PVCu and Timber
250mm - 1 MA11804SC MA101530SC N/A
400 - 600mm - 1 MA102858SC MA102859SC N/A

1 shootbolt strike per extension. 1 mushroom strike per cam.

Size Capacity

320 - 1400mm sash rebate size.

250mm extension available.

400 to 600mm extension available.

Manufactured From

Mild steel.


Silver Chromate

Recommended Screws

Espagnolette/Shootbolt - 4mm/No.8 countersunk head.

Handle fitting - M5 Machine Screw or suitable alternative.


(Full test details available on request) Conforms to BS644,

BS4873 and BS 7412: 2002 corrosion resistance, tested in

accordance with BS EN 1670: 2007 Grade 5 Silver Chromate.

When ordering please specify:

1. Espagnolette type

2. Sash size

3. Backset size 4. Cam size 5. Profile name and number

More information / 01206 713801