Maco Mk3 Shootbolt

Multi-point security locking systems

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows

One piece adjustable shootbolt espagnolette for side hung or top hung applications with adjustable shootbolts and mushroom cams, designed for profiles with eurogroove. The Maco Shootbolt Espagnolette is available in a range of sizes of croppable extensions with a choice of two backsets and two cam heights. The Maco Shootbolt Espagnolette is compatible with all standard espag handles with 43mm fixing centres with a 7mm square spindle and is capable of achieving BS7950. Predominately used on PVCu profiles.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid assembly time.
  • Single piece telescopic system.
  • All screw fixings on one face.
  • Reduced screw fixings.
  • Central mushroom cams.
  • Compression adjustable mushroom cams.
  • Adjustable throw shootbolts.
  • Croppable version available for low handle height requirements.
  • Uses same lockcase as R.A.I.L. Espag.
  • No new striker plates are required.
  • Suitable for all eurogroove applications.
  • Enables sash and frame to be geared independently.
  • Exceeds BS7950 security requirements.
  • Suitable for sash rebate sizes from 525mm to 1425mm.
  • 20 or 22mm backset versions available.
  • 7.7 or 9mm mushroom cam heights.

Maco Mk3 Shootbolt

Maco Mk3 Shootbolt Espagnolette - Telescopic - 20mm Backset
To suit sash rebate size Size Mushrooms per Espagnolette 7.7mm mushroom height 9mm mushroom height
25-600mm Gr.1 2 MA204920SC MA204927SC
600-675mm Gr.2 3 MA204921SC MA204928SC
675-825mm Gr.3 3 MA204922SC MA204929SC
825-975mm Gr.4 MA204923SC MA204930SC
975-1125mm Gr.5  MA204924SC MA204931SC
1125-1275mm Gr.6 3 MA204925SC MA204932SC
1275-1425mm Gr.7 MA204926SC MA204933SC
Maco Mk3 Shootbolt Espagnolette - Telescopic - 22mm Backset
To suit sash rebate size Size Mushrooms per Espagnolette 7.7mm mushroom height 9mm mushroom height
525-600mm Gr.1 MA204941SC MA204948SC
600-675mm Gr.2 MA204942SC MA204949SC
675-825mm Gr.3 3 MA204943SC MA204950SC
825-975mm Gr.4 3 MA204944SC MA204951SC
975-1125mm Gr.5 3 MA204945SC MA204952SC
1125-1275mm Gr.6 3 MA204946SC MA204953SC
1275-1425mm Gr.7 3 MA204947SC MA204954SC

Size Capacity

525 to 1425mm espagnolette lengths.

Manufactured From

Mild steel.


Silver Chromate

Tricoat (high corrosion resistance) also available.

Recommended Screws

Espagnolette/Shootbolt - 4mm/No.8 countersunk head.

Handle fitting - M5 Machine Screw or suitable alternative.

For Tricoat finish ensure Tricoat screws are used.


(Full test details available on request)

Conforms to BS644, BS4873 and BS 7412:2002 corrosion resistance, tested in accordance with BS EN 1670:1998.

When ordering please specify:

1. Espagnolette type

2. Sash size

3. Backset size 4. Cam size 5. Profile name and number

More information / 01206 713801