PN Hook

Multi-point locking system

For use on timber windows

Multipoint locking espagnolette for side hung or top hung applications with hook bolts, designed for profiles with eurogroove. The PN Hook Espagnolette is available in various croppable lengths with a choice of three backsets. The PN Hook Espagnolette is compatible with all standard espag handles with 43mm fixing centres with a 7mm square spindle.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits standard eurogroove.
  • Works in a minimal air gap.
  • 25, 28 or 40mm backset versions available.
  • Croppable.
  • Keeps are designed for PN Combi and Uni systems but can be adapted to other sections.
  • Suitable for top or side hung.
Espagnolette Sizes Locking Points Backset (mm) Code
PN Hook Espagnolette - 25mm backset version
413-513mm 2 25 5430-0-03-60
613-913mm 2 25 5431-0-03-60
913-1313mm 2 25 5432-0-03-60
PN Hook Espagnolette - 28mm backset version
413-513mm 2 28 5440-0-03-60
613-913mm 2 28 5441-0-03-60
913-1313mm 2 28 5442-0-03-60
PN Hook Espagnolette - 40mm backset version
1800-2050mm 4 40 5435-0-03-60
Description Code
Side Hung Keep 5488-0-03-00
Top Hung Keep 5479-0-89-00

Manufactured From

Plated mild steel.

Recommended Screws

4mm (No.8) Countersunk Head.


Silver Eloc 6

Keeps - (SideHung) Eloc 6, (Top Hung) Stainless Steel.

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