Reassert Espagnolette

Multi-point locking systems BUY NOW

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows


Multipoint locking espagnolette with mushroom cams for side hung and top hung applications, designed for profiles with eurogroove.

Available in a range of lengths with two backsets and two cam heights. The Reassert Espagnolette is compatible with all standard espag handles with 43mm fixing centres and a 7mm square spindle and is capable of achieving PAS24.

Features & Benefits

  • Bidirectional locking system which clamps into the keeps.
  • Designed for PAS24 security windows.
  • Suitable for use on windows with a 16mm eurogroove.
  • Mushroom head cams aid security.
  • Same design standard keeps as Assert Epagnolette to simplify stocks.
  • 7.7mm and 9mm mushroom cam heights.
  • 20mm and 22mm backset versions available .
  • Available in sizes ranging from 280mm to 1150mm.
  • Keeps are profile related, please contact us for suitability or custom design service.

                 Reassert Security Espagnolette

Reassert Espagnolette - 20mm backset version
Length (mm) 7.7mm mushroom height 9mm mushroom height Number of Strikes Required
280  TN2025 TN2033 2
400  TN2026 TN2034 2
550  TN2027 TN2035 2
750  TN2028 TN2036 4
850  TN2029 TN2037 4
950  TN2030 TN2038 4
1050  TN2031 TN2039 4
1150  TN2032 TN2040 4
Reassert Espagnolette - 22mm backset version
280 TN2041 TN2049 2
400 TN2042 TN2050 2
550 TN4043 TN2051 2
750 TN4044 TN2052 4
850 TN2045 TN2053 4
950 TN2046 TN2054 4
1050 TN2047 TN2055 4
1150 TN2048 TN2056 4


Size Range

280mm to 1150mm espagnolette lengths

Manufactured From

Mild steel


Silver finish - BE EN 1670 Grade 4 (240 hours)

Recommended Screws

Espagnolette - 4mm countersunk head
Handle fitting - M5 Machine screw



Full test details available on request

When ordering please specify:

1. Espagnolette type

2. Espagnolette length

3. Backset size

4. Cam height

5. Profile name and number

More information / 01206 713801