PN Combi System

Fully reversible window hinge system

For use on timber windows

PN Combi System is designed to give flexible yet standardised manufacture of windows. Common profiling of all window types allows optimum utilisation of production machinery. Combi 500 System is for 5 x 16mm groove and for 2.5 x 16mm casement groove. Available in top hung projecting, top swing, side hung projecting, side swing and various flag hinges for doors. Accessories are available for enhancement of window performance.

Features & Benefits

  • All versions utilise the same section details.
  • All versions give a universal external appearance to all windows.
  • Available in Top Swing fully reversible, Side Swing fully reversible, Side Hung Easy Clean, Side Hung or Top Hung projecting versions.
  • Safe and smooth operating action.
  • Fully reversible models allow safe cleaning of window from within the building.
  • Open outwards with no projection into the room.
  • Top Swing features restrictor for initial and reverse positions.
  • Side Swing features restrictor and reverse catch.
  • Side Swing and Side Hung suitable for fire egress opening.

Click here to read a case study on the successful application of the PN Combi System.

Please note that it is the Duty-Holder's responsibility to specify the appropriate restrictor for each situation.

Top Swing restricted position

Top Swing reverse position

Size capacity

Top Swing Sash height: 270-1569mm

Side Swing Sash width: 322-1122mm

Top and side hung sizes are dependant on window material. Details on request.

Weight capacity

Maximum sash weight:

Top Swing - 45kg

Side Swing - 45kg

Projecting Top Hung - 45-75kg

Projecting Side Hung - 45kg

Side Hung - 45kg

Manufactured From

Electro galvanised mild steel, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, delrin.

More information

enquiries@titon.co.uk / 01206 713801