Maco Laminated

Window restrictor

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows

The Maco Laminated restrictor is an automatically engaging spring loaded window restrictor for use on side or top hung windows. The Maco Laminated restrictor is supplied in ferritic stainless steel. Various pin heights to suit all cavity sizes are available. The restrictor can be retrofit and requires a ‘two handed’ operation to de-restrict the window, which enhances child safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to comply with BS8213.
  • Automatically engages.
  • Easy to fit.
  • No key or tools required to derestrict.
  • De-restriction is a two handed operation.
  • Various pin heights.
  • Suits all cavity sizes.
  • Can be retrofit.

Please note that it is the Duty-Holder's responsibility to specify the appropriate restrictor for each situation.


Maco Laminated

Product Product Code
Laminated Restrictor (Double Action) LH MA95032U
Laminated Restrictor (Double Action) RH MA95033U
9.5mm High Striker Pin MA95004U
10.5mm High Striker Pin MA95007U
11.5mm High Striker Pin MA95005U
14.5mm High Striker Pin MA95006U
16.5mm High Striker Pin MA95008U

Manufactured From

Ferritic stainless steel.

Recommended Screws

4mm (No.8) Countersunk Head.

Note: All screws must be stainless steel.


Tested in accordance with DD CEN/TS 13126-5:2004, BS 6375 Part 2:2004 and BS 8213



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