Maco Multi Vent

Window Limiter

For use on PVCu or timber windows

The Multi Vent limiter limits the tilt position on a tilt and turn window.

Features & Benefits

  • For use on tilt and turn windows.
  • Automatically engages.
  • Limits in tilt mode.
  • Lockable as standard.
  • Adjustable friction.
  • Can be retrofit.
  • Also available in non locking version.
  • Limiter jig available.

Please note that it is the Duty-Holder's responsibility to specify the appropriate restrictor for each situation.


Tilt mode limiter

Turn mode limiter


Product Code
Multi-Vent Limiter with 2mm Spacer Bar (Brown) MA12361-221
Multi-Vent Limiter with 2mm Spacer Bar (White) MA12360-544
2mm Spacer Bar (Brown) MA42499-032
2mm Spacer Bar (White) MA42510-014
5 degree Spacer Bar (Brown) MA42502-032
5 degree Spacer Bar (White) MA42509-014
15 degree Spacer Bar (Brown) MA42513-032
15 degree Spacer Bar (White) MA42514-014
Limiter jig MA42505-099

Manufactured From

Lock case – zinc die cast.

Locking arm – cold rolled mild steel.

Recommended Screws

4mm (No.8) Countersunk Head


White RAL 9010

Brown RAL 8019

More information / 01206 713801