Titon's core product over many years has been the ‘trickle' or ‘background' ventilator and the company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of these products in the UK. The Trickle Ventilator range is extensive and covers products for virtually every window and door application and material.

All Titon's trickle ventilators are designed with optimum performance in mind to comply with various Building Regulations and Standards throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. A summary of the range can be found in the brochure ‘Titon – Trickle Vent Range'.

Titon expanded its comprehensive range of window trickle ventilators to include improved designs which assist in compliance with Ventilation Regulations in England & Wales. Aluminium or PVCu models are now available which offer increased ventilation that no other ventilator manufacturer can match.

This makes both the specifier and the window fabricator's jobs easier. The specifier can pick Titon products to ensure compliance for a choice of ventilation systems in different dwelling types, without constant specification change. The fabricator is safe in the knowledge that only the minimum number of ventilators required need to be used to achieve this compliance.

Need products to work with different ventilation systems?

What's more, specification is simple. Titon has marked the EA on each product for easy reference and all vent and canopy or grille combinations have been tested in accordance with BS EN 13141:2004. The wide choice outlined in this leaflet means compliance is possible when used with other products from Titon's mechanical ventilation range:

Thanks to Titon's engineering expertise, the Trimvent® Select Xtra gives optimum airflow (and therefore Equivalent Area) utilising existing slot sizes. Specifically developed for Part F of the Building Regulations, Ventilation (England & Wales), and to improve performance for requirements throughout the UK and Europe. Trimvent Select Xtra is available in sizes suitable for both new build or replacement situations.

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Gas Regulations Ventilator through sash

Trimvent® Select Xtra R16 Ventilator

Trimvent® Select Xtra S13 Ventilator through sash