Glazed-In Vents

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  • Easy to glaze-in, can be treated as an extension of the glass.
  • Can be cut to length and assembled by the customer or supplied made to measure.
  • Integral canopy for protection against ingress of rain and insects.
  • Marked with equivalent area figure per metre.

Placing a Glazed-in ventilator order

All made to measure ventilator product codes are listed in the Details table on each product page. As every made to measure glazed-in ventilator is produced specifically for each order, please quote the following information when placing an order:

  • The overall vent length.
  • The glass thickness.
  • Plastic or aluminium canopy.
  • Finish (inner and outer).
  • Equivalent area or free area required.
  • Quantity.

To calculate the overall vent length see diagram:

The 20mm dimensions are always constant, Therefore the body length is always 40mm shorter than the overall length. Please make any allowances for fittings beads, gaskets etc., or for manufacturing tolerances.

An exact glass reduction dimension is not given for each product. Consideration must be given to the glazing method.

For glazed-in ventilators in bar length, please contact us for ordering details.