Energy efficient glazed-in ventilator

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows

Maxiglaze is an energy efficient glazed-in aluminium ventilator that provides an Equivalent Area (EA) of 12,000mm² per metre of extrusion (equal to vent length minus 57mm). Optimum performance over length requires fewer vents to be fitted to achieve total requirement. The Maxiglaze is available in made to measure sizes or in bar length in a variety of colours.


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Features & Benefits

  • Optimum air opening over length.
  • 2500mm² EA / 4600mm² Free Area at 270mm long, 5000mm² EA / 8900mm² Free Area at 470mm long.
  • Supplied made-to-measure or in bar length.
  • Designed for easy cutting and assembly from bar length.
  • Suitable for 24 or 28mm glass thicknesses.
  • Available in mill finish bar length for customer painting (24mm version only).
  • Vent Injection Process (VIP); rapid sealing method to improve weather tightness.
  • Aluminium or (white) plastic canopy.
  • Dual colour (inner and outer) finish available.
  • Thermally improved (not mill finish version). 
  • Channel gasket.
  • Available in Gas Regulations version.
  • Cord and rod control versions.
  • Patented design.
  • When specified correctly, complies with British Building Regulations.
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

Note - Special consideration is needed regarding the bead fitting method and sealing on timber windows. Standard glazing tapes may not be sufficiently flexible.



To read a case study on the successful application of the Maziglaze, please click here.

Maxiglaze Ventilator (inside)

Maxiglaze Ventilator (outside)

24mm Glass Thickness 28mm Glass Thickness
207-399 GV18401 GV18501
400-499 GV18402 GV18502
500-599 GV18403 GV18503
600-699 GV18404 GV18504
700-799 GV18405 GV18505
800-899 GV18406 GV18506
900-999 GV18407 GV18507
1000-1099 GV18408 GV18508
1100-1199 GV18409 GV18509
1200-1299 GV18410 GV18510
1300-1399 GV18411 GV18511
1400-1499 GV18412 GV18512
1500-1599 GV18413 GV18513
1600-1699 GV18414 GV18514
1700-1799 GV18415 GV18515
Cord Control TA 18002/012 Black or TA 18002/392 White
Rod Control 600mm Rod Pack TA 18003/012 Black or TA 18003/392 White
Rod Control 1000mm Rod Pack TA 18004/012 Black or TA 18004/392 Whilte  

Vent supplied with unrestricted Equivalent Area over length.
Product can be supplied with Equivalent Area limited to 2500 or 5000mm²
EA figures achieved when fitted to manufacturer's recommendations.
Tested in accordance with BS:EN 13141-1 (2004).


Over glass

Manufactured From

Aluminium 6063 HIT T6, component parts PVCu, POM, PA6 & PP (UV Stable).


Tested in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (air flow, air leakage and weather tightness).

Gas Regulations version designed to comply with Building Regulations (England & wales) Approved Document J and BS 5440 Part 2:2000.

Acoustic performance tested in accordance with BS EN ISO20140-10:1992, BS EN ISO140-10:1991 and single figures to BS EN ISO717-1:1991.


(Full test details available on request)

Equivalent Area (EA) (mm²) – 12,000 per metre of extrusion.

Free Area (mm²) – 21476 per metre of extrusion.

Air Leakage (m³/hr @ 50Pa) – 500mm overall length - 0.98.

Water Resistance (Pa) – 600.

Acoustic D n,e,w (+/-) – 500mm overall length - vent open 29 (0;0), vent closed 48 (-1;-3).


Suffix product code with: -387 (white with PVCu canopy), -020 (white with white aluminium canopy), -475 (white with black aluminium canopy). Other finishes available depending on quantity.

*This product cannot be supplied anodised.

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