Slot Vents

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  • Fitted onto the window sash or frame or mounted on an overhead section.
  • Aluminium or plastic models.
  • Canopies and grilles give protection against ingress of rain and insects.
  • Marked with equivalent area figure achieved with standard vent and canopy/grille combination.

Trimvent ventilators

  • Deflect the incoming air in all directions.
  • Ventilator opening cannot be obstructed by a reveal.
  • Market leading range for the last thirty five years.
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

Trimvent Select ventilators

  • As Trimvent products but with the added unique feature of an adjustable tilting T-bar.
  • Allows building occupant to control both the direction and the amount of incoming air.
  • Part of the Select Suite of products, the first matching window handle and trickle ventilator range.

Trimvent Select Xtra ventilators

  • As Trimvent Select range, with less tilt but considerably improved equivalent area.
  • Slot sizes as standard, however products approximately 60% more efficient for air flow.

Slot dimensions

Slot sizes shown in the Details tables are for round ended slots. Adherence to illustrated slot dimensions achieves opitmum performance (depending on window section).

Placing a Slot ventilator order

All Product codes are listed in the Details table on each product page and should be quoted when ordering. Please ensure both an internal ventilator and an external grille or canopy are ordered for each particular window.

Some Titon ventilators are available in vent and canopy packs, full details on request.

TV Select XS13

Trimvent ventilators

Trimvent Select ventilators