SF Xtra Sound Attenuator Ventilator

Surface mounted noise reducing ventilator

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows

The SF Xtra Sound Attenuator ventilator is a slot ventilator which provides high levels of sound attenuation compared to similar ‘acoustic’ products, in a compact size. The SF Xtra Sound Attenuator can be purchased in a number of combinations based on different sizes of inner (ventilator) and outer (canopy). Combinations can be chosen depending on the sound attenuation requirement and can achieve up to Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 44 (-2;-3)dB when the vent is open.
The product is a cost effective method of reducing incoming noise in situations where conventional slot ventilators are unable to assist with acoustic issues.
The SF Xtra Sound Attenuator comes fitted with a Titon SF Xtra Ventilator and/or SF Canopy and fits the 2500mm2 EA version over the standard SF, Trimvent
Select or Select Xtra slot size.

Specify this product alongside the Titon CME2 Q Plus (centralised) or Titon Solace / Solitude (decentralised) mechanical extract units to provide a complete sound attenuating ventilation system.

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Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective sound attenuating ventilator
  • Independently tested by Sound Research Laboratories in accordance with BSEN20140-10:1992, ISO140-10:1991
  • 2500mm2 EA and 5000mm2 EA versions available
  • Vent sizes available: V25, V50, V75 and canopy sizes: C25, C50 and C75
  • Can provide up to 44 D,n,e,w attenuation, depending on combination
  • Suitable for use in domestic or non-domestic installations
  • Ideal for retrofit applications, over an existing slot
  • Available in a range of combinations to suit different acoustic specifications
  • Fits over a standard SF, Trimvent Select or Trimvent Select Xtra slot size
  • Supplied with SFX Ventilator and/or SF Canopy fitted
  • High performance gasket on ventilator improves sealing in adverse conditions
  • Can be mounted to deflect air upwards or downwards
  • For use over a 13mm slot
  • Special paint finishes available
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

Click here to read a case study on the successful application of SFX SA

SFX Sound Attenuator Internal

SF Sound Attenuator External

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Sound Attenuating Product

Product Product Code (L)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Projection Closed-Open (mm)
Free Area
Slot Details
SF Xtra 2500EA Vent Only TA5220 425 28 10-24 4207

SF 418 Canopy Only TA5005 418 23 27 5114
SF Xtra Sound Attenuator 2500EA vent 25mm TA5221 464 35 37-51 3470
SF Sound Attenuator 2500EA canopy 25mm TA5202 464 35 54 3470
SF Xtra Sound Attenuator 2500EA vent 50mm TA5223 464 35 62-76 3470
SF Sound Attenuator 2500EA canopy 50mm TA5204 464 35 79 3470
SF Xtra Sound Attenuator 2500EA vent 75mm TA5225 464 35 87-101 3470
SF Sound Attenuator 2500EA canopy 75mm TA5206 464 35 104 3470
SF Xtra Sound Attenuator 5000EA Vent 75mm TA5235 523 35 87-101 5517  
SF Sound Attenuator 5000EA Canopy 75mm TA5236 523 35 113.5 5517

Acoustic ratings

 Product Open Closed EA
V75 + C75 (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 44 (-2;-3)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 55 (-1;-5)dB 2500
V75 + C50 (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 42 (-1;-2)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 55 (-2;-5)dB 2500
V75 + standard canopy (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 40 (-1;-2)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 53 (-1;-4)dB 2500
V50 + C25 (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 39 (-1;-2)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 55 (-2;-5)dB 2500
V50 + standard canopy (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 38 (-1;-2)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 55 (-2;-5)dB 2500
V25 + C25 (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 36 (0;-2)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 55 (-1;-5)dB 2500
V25 + standard canopy (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 35 (0;-1)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 54 (-1;-4)dB 2500
Standard vent + C25 (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 35 (0;-1)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 55 (1;-5)dB 2500
Standard vent + standard SF canopy (2500EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 32 (1;0)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 52 (-2;-4)dB 2500
V75 + C75 (Hi Spec Foam) (5000EA) Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 40 (-2;-3)dB Dn,e,w (C;Ctr) = 51 (-1;-4)db 5000



Through sash

Manufactured From

Aluminium 6063 HIT T6, component parts POM, Acoustic Foam

Recommended Screws

4mm (No.8) Round Head or equivalent
When fitting to PVCu screw must go through two walls or into reinforcement


Tested in accordance with BSEN13141-1:2004 (air flow air leakage and weather tightness)


Suffix product code with -20 (white)

Other colours available contact sales for details


(Full details available on request)
Equivalent Area – see above
Free Area – see above
Air Leakage (m3/hr @ 50Pa) – 0.11m3/hr (Vent and Canopy only)
Water Resistance (Pa) - 750Pa
Acoustic – See details tab

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