Alliance Cam Catch

Cam Catch for Vertical Sliding Windows BUY NOW

For use on PVCu or timber windows

Alliance is a security cam catch capable of achieving BS7950 (dependent on window design), with a front facing lock. Alliance is suitable for all vertical sliding windows made from PVCu or timber and has various flat and cast keep designs suitable for all profiles. Available in a variety of plated or painted finishes.

Features & Benefits

  • Locking or non locking versions.
  • Front facing lock.
  • Spring loaded to ensure sash clearance.
  • Various keep designs available.
  • Capable of achieving BS7950 (dependent on window design).
  • Interlocking design for increased security.
  • Available in painted or plated finishes.

Alliance with Cast Keep

Product Product Code
Alliance Cam Catch - Non Locking TL100DM
Alliance Cam Catch - Key Locking TL100
Standard Cast Keep TL120
Wide Cast Keep TL121
17mm Pressed Steel Keep TL122
30.5mm Pressed Steel Keep TL124
38mm Pressed Steel Keep TL125
Cast Keep Pressed Metal Keeps
Product A' B' Product C'
Standard Cast Keep 4.5 30 17mm Pressed Steel Keep 17
Wide Cast Keep 9.5 35 30.5mm Pressed Steel Keep 30.5
      38mm Pressed Steel Keep 38

Manufactured From

Zinc Alloy to BS EN 1774 ZL3.

Recommended Screws

4mm (No.8) Countersunk Head or equivalent.


Tested in accordance with DD CEN/TS 13126-14:2004.


Suffix product code with: -020 (white paint), -818 (bright nickel), -102 (albrafin gold), -023 (brown paint), -825 (satin chrome).

NOTE: Plated finishes are not suitable for use in coastal or highly corrosive environments.

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