Caldwell Folding Openers

Openers for top hung windows

Features & Benefits

  • Type '18' for 100mm sash movement (top swing windows).
  • Type '110' & '112' for 150mm sash movement.
  • 'Extended' type for 315mm sash movement.
  • Suitable for top hung, fully reversible and pivot windows.
  • Suitable for school, hospital and office applications.
  • Can be linked in pairs, or threes for wide windows.
  • Can be operated at high level by using a tandem eye & pole operator.


Tandem bars

  • Simple easy to use hand operation.
  • Should be used on window sashes wider than 800mm.

Pole operators

  • Standard length is 1400mm, longer or shorter poles available on request.
  • Supplied with large or small boss depending on the style of tandem eye.

Hand operator

  • Will fit any folding opener.

Tandem eye adaptor kit

  • For use where a 263 tandem eye is required on single folding opener.
  • Kit includes tandem eye, adaptor bar, end cap and fixing screws.

Tandem eyes

  • For use with opener linked by a tandem bar with pole operation.
  • Fitted centrally or immediately to the side of the central folding opener.
  • 260, 263 used on the 110 type folding openers. For use with small boss pole operator.
  • 262 used on the 112 type folding opener. For use with large boss pole operator.


  • Vent bracket packers available to accommodate intermediate step sizes.
  • Powder coated or anodised finishes.