Ligature Resistant Fittings

Fittings for windows in controlled environments

Features & Benefits

  • A range of products is available for use.
  • Due to the complexities and variations in each application, there is not a single solution. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide customised solutions where applicable.
  • Only anodised finish available.
  • Please note: The final choice of product is the responsibility of the specifier.




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Spindle/Drive Key


Product Product Code
Cockspur (left handed) 6-4CPE314LHLSNS/1
Cockspur (right handed) 6-4CPE314RHLSNS/1
Espagnolette (32mm spindle) XX2623
Espagnolette (64mm spindle) XX3456
Spindle/Drive Key XX2624
Cockspur Left Handed

Cockspur Right Handed


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