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For use on timber windows

Select Cockspur is a locking window handle for timber windows that is available with a suited casement stay. Select Cockspur features a compact design that has a very low 28mm stack height for ease of window transit and is available in a variety of plated or painted finishes and the option of plastic or metal keeps.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed for timber windows.
  • Minimal projection for ease of window stacking.
  • Unique lead-in on handle nose acting as a sash aligner
  • Section related non-handed narrow wedge.
  • Handle incorporates sash lift.
  • Locking, non-locking or Fire Escape versions.
  • Metal keep option for added security.
  • Handle uses same lock and key as Select Casement Stay.

Keep lead-in


Product Product Code
Select Cockspur Right Hand Handle - Locking TF1200
Select Cockspur Left Hand Handle - Locking TF1201
Select Cockspur Right Hand Handle - Non Locking TF1200DM
Select Cockspur Left Hand Handle - Non Locking TF1201DM
Select Cockspur Right Hand Handle - Fire Escape TF1200FE
Select Cockspur Left Hand Handle - Fire Escape TF1201FE
Metal Flat Keep TF1263
Metal Bevelled Keep TF1264
Plastic Flat Keep TF1243
Plastic Bevelled Keep TF1244

Manufactured From

Zinc Alloy to BS EN 1774 ZL3, Plastic keep – PA6, Component Parts – POM, PA6.

Recommended Screws

4mm (No.8) Countersunk Head.


Tested in accordance with DD CEN/TS 13126-2:2004


Suffix product code with: -020 (white paint),  -023 (brown paint), -825 (satalyte chrome), -818 (bright nickel), -102 (albrafin gold)

Plastic keep: -012 (black). -315 (brown), -392 (white), 351 (gold).

NOTE: Plated finishes are not suitable for use in coastal or highly corrosive environments.

More information / 01206 713801